Garrut Tombcrawler

Warrior with a Demon touched bloodline.


Smoking hot good looks.


Hulking greatsword on back. 2 handaxes at his side.


Raised by Master Xander Darkomen in a remote tower, Garrut spent his time in quiet study. Then the townsfolk came with pitchforks and fire and burned the tower down and slew his master. Garrut was taken in by a kindly Priest. He spent some time at the Church of Lathander in Waterdeep but he never fit in. His fiendish bloodline was just too apparent for people to be comfortable. The horns and cloved feet tended to give it away.
He had only one friend: A tough little street urchin halfling named Lambert Chubb-Bottom. He talked Mr. Chubb-Bottom into voyaging south, past Daggerford and into the frontier lands. His studies had revealed to him some old barrow mounds that could be usefully plundered. Garrut had dreams of acquiring enough wealth to built his own tower, stronger than his adopted fathers, and continuing his studies there.

Garrut Tombcrawler

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