The Adventures of Garrut Tombcrawler & his merry friends

Mermaid Party

Sushi is good!

After going back to Daggerford to secure better armaments (a quarterstaff for instance) Garrut and Ash and Mr. Chubb-Button headed back to the hidden barrow mound.

“Let’s be careful to not let these local yokels follow us to the source of our VAST treasure.” said Garrut as he fingered the 5 gold they had earned in their last expedition.

They entered the barrow mound again. Careful searching revealed a fountain with some piranha type fish. Lambert got bitten. They stoppered the incoming water and killed all the piranha and then Garrut chopped their heads off so Ash could eat them. Ash didn’t want them as it turned out. They did find a small small hole to crawl through. So they did! Beyond was a heavenly grotto inhabited by 3 mermaids. They asked Riddles. Garrut counteroffered with some riddles of his own but they were not interested. It might have been Ash’s fault for outing Garrut as a fish eater. After winning a small black Fly made of some kind of onyx jewel they were teleported out of the grotto.

They found an ‘games room’ with dice, and stuff that little lizardmen were gambling at. The little lizardmen attacked again but were easily driven off. Ash proved a great help with her laughing gas breath weapon. ha ha EUPHORIA little dragon dog! Take a taste of that!

They crept further into the barrow and found a secret path to the surface as well as two final rooms – one had some sleeping lizard dudes and the other some fully awake lizard hobbits worshipping some shaman or something.

Garrut called for an attack on 3. 1……2……..


Anatexis Anatexis

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